Reasons Why You Need a Real Estate Closing Attorney

Reasons Why You Need a Real Estate Closing Attorney

Reasons Why You Need a Real Estate Closing Attorney

When you buy a new home or property, you want to ensure that you are being treated properly and fairly by your agent and seller.  Once you've found the perfect home, you will actually seal the deal in a closing process.  This process can become easier with the help of a real estate closing attorney.  A real estate closing attorney in Miami, FL helps to make sure that everyone in the room understands the complex legalities associated with real estate closings.  There are a few great reasons why you need to hire the services of a real estate closing attorney.

They Examine the Title

A clear property title is necessary for the buyer in a real estate transaction such as a closing.  Once the transaction has begun, a real estate closing attorney will be able to examine a title.  They will search it for restrictions, encroachments, and easements.  They will also be able to examine it for any existing mortgages.  This will aide in the clear transfer of title ownership to the new buyer.  This is necessary in any real estate transaction, as it is the documentation required for ownership.

They Review Important Documentation

A real estate closing attorney in Miami, FL will also review all of the important documentation that is needed for the transaction.  This helps ensure the buyer and seller that everything is in proper order.  They can also offer counsel about any confusing documents, such as the deed, title, settlement statement, and loan documentation.  This is helpful to both parties because it provides laymen's terms for difficult legal jargon.  Sometimes, people will choose to use their real estate closing attorney to help them acquire title insurance as well.  This may be a difficult thing for some people, who prefer to use the advice of an attorney to ensure they receive peace of mind for their title transfer.

They Coordinate

In a real estate closing, there are two parties whose needs must be met.  There are also many other players that aren't actually present during the closing.  These parties include brokers, surveyors, homeowner's insurance companies, inspectors, contractors, and more.  A real estate closing attorney is able to coordinate with everyone who is needed for proper real estate transactions.  They help the closing occur in a timely manner while still making sure all of the necessary tasks are done beforehand.

These are three great reasons why a real estate closing attorney is a helpful person to have in the room during your real estate transaction.  The paperwork, coordination, and communication needed for a smooth transfer of property can be a lot for someone to handle personally.  Instead, trust a real estate closing attorney in Miami, FL to take care of all your closing needs.  Contact us today to hear how we can help you.


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