Common Mistakes People Make When Filing Insurance Claims

Common Mistakes People Make When Filing Insurance Claims

Common Mistakes People Make When Filing Insurance Claims

After your home has suffered damage from an accident, natural disaster, or unforeseen circumstance, you likely go directly to your insurance policy to see your coverage.  Then, you file a claim to recover compensation for the damages done to your home or property.  Filing an insurance claim then begins a long process with your insurance company, which includes an insurance adjuster and maybe a property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL.  Many people can be involved in this process to make sure that it is done properly.  There are a few common mistakes many homeowners make when they file insurance claims.

Not Filing a Valid Claim

Whenever people suffer damage to their home or property, they may stray from filing a claim with their insurance company.  This is because they do not want to suffer from increased premiums or rates.  No one wants to pay more for their policy because of an accident.  This leads them to file the incorrect claim.  However, whenever incidents occur that are not within your control, these claims will not increase your insurance premiums.  Filing an incorrect claim, however, can.

Filing an Unnecessary Claim

Another mistake many homeowners make is filing a claim whenever it isn't necessary.  Insurance policies are meant to cover damages that occur from accidents, like trees falling on your home, or storms.  They are not for broken windows or small repairs.  In fact, these repairs can be cheaper to repair on your own.  The amount of your claim should be much more than your deductible.  Otherwise, you actually lose money and suffer consequences for it.

Hiring a Scammer

After storms pass through your area, storm chasers and scammers move in to make a quick buck on repairs.  These companies are often illegitimate and hiring them can actually have dire consequences.  These companies may not repair your home to its fullest, and they also won't work with your insurance company to help assess damages.  Also, if your home suffers more damages from the repair, it is unlikely that you will be able to find that specific company again.  They will have disappeared to chase the next storm and won't be available to fix what they have broken.  Instead, you will be stuck with repairs that are not covered by insurance and also don't fix the underlying issue entirely.

These are a few of the common mistakes many homeowners don't realize they are making when they file insurance claims.  If this process is delayed or the insurance returns without a proper settlement, you may need the assistance of a property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL.  We can help you fight for what you rightfully deserve from your insurance company.  Contact us today to get the proper settlement for your insurance claim.



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