Four Common Property Claims Filed in Florida

Four Common Property Claims Filed in Florida

Four Common Property Claims Filed in Florida

Florida homes are susceptible to much of the damage that comes with living near the coastline and in warmer climates.  Because of this, many Florida homeowners' insurance policies cover the damages that commonly occur in this area.  It is important to be aware of what is covered through your policy and if you will need to do obtain additional protection, such as hurricane protection.  Whenever you suffer damages to your home, you will likely file a property insurance claim with your insurance company.  If this process is delayed or the compensation is what you expected, you may need to hire a property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL to help get what you deserve.  Let's take a look at the most common property claims that are filed for residences in Florida.

Water Damage

This is a common claim in Florida.  Water damage is when sudden and unpredictable water issues arise inside the home.  This include pipe bursts, drain failures, mold or mildew issues, discoloration of building materials, and more.  Unfortunately, water damage is tough to detect until it is extensive, so this is one of the reasons why water damage is frequently reported to insurance companies.

Flood Damage

Flood damage is different than water damage in that it is caused by hurricanes, tropical storms, or heavy rainfall, which is all common in Florida.  This is also much more costly to repair, as the damage is much more extensive.  If you suffer from extreme damage to your property after a storm rolls through or a drainage system malfunctions, you'll want to file a flood damage insurance claim.

Wind Damage

Florida's are susceptible to hurricanes.  This causes many wind damage property claims to be filed each year, especially after hurricane season rolls through the area.  Many policies will cover this type of claim, but it is important to pay attention to any hidden fees related to receiving this insurance compensation after you suffer damages to your property.

Fire Damage

Although fire damage is much less common than the other types of damages in Florida, it still occurs.  This is perhaps the most expensive of all the claims, because fires spread rapidly and destroy everything in their path.  After a fire is through, there are many residual issues from the smoke that will also need to be dealt with by professional services.  Sometimes, fires can even destroy an entire home.  

Because of hurricanes and coastal weather, Florida homeowners often file these property claims the most.  Whenever your home is damaged by weather or other unforeseen circumstances, you'll want to file a property claim with your insurance company.  Sometimes, insurance companies can be difficult to work with, and this may require the assistance of a property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL.  If you are looking to get what you deserve from your insurance company, contact us today for our reputable legal services.



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