Four Tips on How to Prevent Water Damage This Summer

Four Tips on How to Prevent Water Damage This Summer

Four Tips on How to Prevent Water Damage This Summer

Summer is here, which means that hurricane season is around the corner.  When hurricanes roll through the area, they can create many issues, especially when it comes to damaging property.  As a property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL, our firm assists many homeowners with issues related to water damage suffered during a hurricane, or any other accident that can occur in the home.  When you suffer water damage in your home, you may require costly repairs that may or may not be covered in your insurance policy.  There are a few tips on how you can prevent water damage in your home this summer.

Upgrade Your Plumbing

When your pipes and plumbing system gets old and outdated, it can be more susceptible to leaks.  This can lead to extreme water damage within the walls and floors of your home if left neglected.  If you have older plumbing, you should consider upgrading it so that it stays in great condition.  This will prevent any leaks that you may not detect until it is already too late.

Turn Off Your Water When You're Away

Summer may also have you preparing for a vacation.  Anytime you leave your home for a lengthy period of time, you should turn off your water supply.  This will prevent any accidents from occurring while you are away.  If this does happen, you may suffer even more devastation since you won't be home to stop the water from flowing.  It is recommended to turn the water off to prevent any leaking or accidents while you are away.

Routinely Check Appliances

Appliances like washers and dishwashers should be routinely checked for any leaks.  If you notice any puddles or pooling water near those appliances, you'll want to shut the water off at the source and check out the issue.  Anytime you notice a leak, always be sure to find the source of the leak to stop it as soon as possible.  

Keep Your Gutters Clean

By cleaning your gutters routinely, you will keep debris, leaves, and branches clear from your gutters, which will promote water to flow away from your home properly.  If your gutters are clogged, water can drip down your siding, causing unsightly mold growth, and it can sit near your foundation and compromise its structural integrity.

By following these tips, you can prevent extensive water damage to your property, home, or business during this year's hurricane season.  Water damage can truly occur at any time, and it is almost always something our clients aren't prepared to deal with.  If you suffer from water damage in your home and you want great representation when you are working through the claims process with your insurance, trust our property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL.  We can fight for you to get you the compensation you deserve to cover any damages to your property today.


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