Nine Common Injuries Sustained in Auto Accidents

Nine Common Injuries Sustained in Auto Accidents

Nine Common Injuries Sustained in Auto Accidents

Have you recently been involved in an auto accident that was caused by another driver?  Were you blindsided by someone who ran a red light?  Were you the victim of a distracted driving accident?  When you suffer from a car accident that you didn't even see coming, you may sustain severe injuries that could alter your life in the blink of a second.  As a personal injury attorney in Miami, FL, we can advocate for you so that you get the compensation you deserve when you file a personal injury claim.  As the victim of an auto accident that wasn't your fault, you will be eligible to receive compensation for medical expenses, missed work, pain and suffering, and other expenses caused by the injury.  These are some of the most common injuries that are sustained in auto accidents.

Back Injuries

When you in an auto accident, you may sustain back injuries as a result of being slammed against the car seat or steering wheel.  Your spinal cord could be twisted, bent, and damaged when you are hit, as this area is one of the most sensitive areas of the body.  Spinal cord injuries can result in a range of severe injuries, from broken bones to paralysis.  Back injuries can also cause chronic pain, which can make it difficult to perform everyday tasks without intervention, medications, or therapy.

Internal Injuries

Car accidents can easily cause internal injuries.  Due to the forceful nature of these accidents, they can cause damage to your internal organs, which can lead to internal bleeding.  These issues may not be immediately noticeable, so you'll want to seek medical treatment to be assessed anytime you are involved in a car accident.  Once doctors notice internal injuries, they may need to take you into surgery immediately to prevent further organ damage.

Traumatic Brain Injury

When you are in a car accident, you can also suffer from trauma to the head that causes brain damage.  When the brain is severely injured, people may suffer from cognitive impairments, loss of memory, or even issues with their fine motor skills.  This accident could alter your life drastically, causing you the inability to walk, problem solve, and remember even the most basic of details.  When you suffer from a severe traumatic brain injury, you may need around-the-clock medical care.  If you suffer from a TBI, you will want to hire the services of a personal injury attorney in Miami, FL to fight for the compensation you need for your pain, suffering, and medical expenses.

Broken Bones

Broken bones are the most common injuries that are sustained when you get in a car accident.  Our brittle bones are no match for heavy machinery, and this can cause breaks in legs, arms, and ribs.  When these bones break, you will need to seek medical treatment to have your bones set.  Depending on your career and the extent of your injuries, you may not be able to work for a period of time after breaking your bones.

Soft Tissue Injuries

You can suffer from many different soft tissue injuries that can result in lasting muscle injuries and pain.  When you suffer from injuries that give you chronic pain, you will have difficulty resuming your normal activities.  You may require extensive physical therapy to learn how to use those muscles once again.  Tears, strains, lacerations, bruises, and other soft tissue injuries are typically less severe, but they can still have a long recovery period or cause chronic pain.


During a car accident, you may come into contact with hot elements, like steam or chemicals, which can burn through your skin.  Your vehicle may also catch fire, causing severe burns.  When you suffer from burns to your skin, you may need surgery or skin grafts in order to repair the skin and provide feeling once again.  These treatments are painful and may even take years to completely repair your skin.

Facial Deformities

Many people that in car accidents suffer from injuries to their face.  When these injuries are extensive, they can result in facial deformities or disfigurations that require medical treatment and plastic surgery to repair.  This can become expensive, but you will want to follow through with these appointments to treat your face properly.  When you suffer from facial deformities, you will want to have the advocacy of a personal injury attorney in Miami, FL so that you get the compensation you need to cover these extensive treatments.  

Crush Injuries

When you are in a car accident, parts of your body may suffer from crush injuries.  These injuries are sustained when a part of your body is crushed between two heavy pieces of your vehicle.  Crush injuries can cause a range of issues, from internal bleeding to broken bones to injured organs.  These can also cause muscle tears and chronic pain.  When you suffer from crush injuries, you may require physical therapy to rework that part of your body and gain muscle strength once again.

Limb Loss and Amputations

In severe car accidents, people may suffer from extreme limb injury that requires full amputation.  If a surgeon has reason to believe that you are at risk for infection or that your limb injury will never heal, they may suggest amputation.  When this occurs, your life will alter forever.  This type of injury will certainly require new adjustments to make your new situation work.  You may need to live in a wheelchair if your leg is amputated, and you will need to learn how to rebuild your life.  This will require therapy, medications, and frequent medical appointments.

These are some of the most common injuries that victims of car accidents may suffer when they get into a car accident they didn't see coming.  If your life was drastically changed due to injuries from a car accident, you will want to hire the advocacy and support of a top personal injury attorney in Miami, FL.  Contact us to set up a consultation with our experienced attorneys today.



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