Nine Steps to Take after You Suffer from Hurricane Damage

Nine Steps to Take after You Suffer from Hurricane Damage

Nine Steps to Take after You Suffer from Hurricane Damage

You are in shock at the devastating damage that the hurricane just caused to your home, yard, and community.  As you stand there staring at what used to be your home, you might question: 'now what?'  When you suffer from extensive hurricane damage, you will want to immediately file a property insurance claim to receive insurance money to help you rebuild your life.  As a policyholder, you are likely protected from many of the damages that were caused when the hurricane rolled through your area.  Our property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL will also work with you to get you the fair and full settlement that you need to rebuild your life.  After a hurricane destroys your home, there are a few steps you'll want to take to begin the insurance claims process correctly.

Take Deep Breath

After you have suffered from the devastating effects of hurricanes, you will want to take a quick moment to take a deep breath.  Recognize that you and your loved ones are safe, and then begin to assess the damages.  Although it will be overwhelming at first, you will want to take a deep breath to avoid any panic or irrational, quick reactions to the situation.

Take Pictures before the Storm

One of the best ways to show the insurance company the original state of your home is to provide them with pictures that were taking before the hurricane.  Before each hurricane season, you should take pictures of the state of your home, roof, yard, and other structures on your property.  This way, you will have recent evidence that showcases the state of your home before damages.  

Keep Receipts

It is also important that you keep receipts for expensive belongings, like TVs, appliances, and valuables, to provide the insurance company with proof of purchase and value of anything that may be lost or damaged.  When you have these receipts organized and in a safe place, you can present them to the insurance company to show them the exact amounts you paid.  This will help in receiving a full compensation to cover any replacements you need.

Mitigate Any Further Damages

Have you noticed that water is leaking from a burst pipe?  Do you see electronics getting ruined by water coming in a gaping hole in the roof?  You will want to safely mitigate any further damage from occurring in your home.  Remove any electronics from flooding areas, but be sure that you turn off your electric first to avoid electrocution.  Stop the leak if you can locate it or turn the water off at the source.  Be sure that you remove any valuables from potentially endangered locations to that you can prevent any more loss or damage to your possessions and property.

Start the Process Quickly

As soon as the storm passes through your area, you will want to contact your insurance company quickly to start the claims process.  The sooner you call, the sooner they will be able to send someone out to evaluate your property.  Because the storm will likely cause a large volume of claims to be filed, you will want yours handled promptly by calling soon after you notice the extent of the damage.

Use Your Own Insurance Adjuster

Your insurance company will likely send out an insurance adjuster from a partner company to assess and evaluate damages.  However, you will want to opt to hire your own insurance adjuster so that you are provided with a fair assessment of damages to your home.  Sometimes insurance companies that use their own adjusters will mutually benefit one another, which can actually undermine the policyholder.  When this occurs, you may end up getting less of a settlement than you truly deserve.

Know What Your Policy Covers

Before you file an insurance claim, you will want to take the time to familiarize yourself with the fine print of your insurance policy.   Take note of the type of hurricane damages that are covered.  Typically, homeowners will be covered for wind damage, water damage, hotel or extended stay expenses, and other severe weather damages.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with the full list of coverages in your plan so that you can receive a fair and full settlement to restore your home to its original state.

Hire a Property Insurance Claims Attorney in Miami, FL

When you are having a tough time settling on the proper amount of compensation with your insurance company, you will want to hire the services of an attorney to fight for what you deserve.   At Coastal Claims Law Firm, we have the experience to advocate for policyholders so that they can restore their homes to as normal of a state as possible.  This involves getting them the money to repair damages, restore old items, and replace valuables that were destroyed in the hurricane.

Stay Strong

The insurance claims process can be lengthy, difficult, and time-consuming.  When you simply want to begin rebuilding your life, it can actually seem like a lifetime until you get the money to make the necessary changes to your home.  Remember to stay strong and fight for what you deserve.  If you give in to one of your insurance companies low initial offers, you will not be receiving what is fair and what is yours.  With the help of your property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL, we will fight what you need to restore your home and rebuild your life.

These are some the important steps you'll want to take after a hurricane damages your home or property.  When you live in south Florida, you are located in a hurricane hot spot, which means that you'll always want to be prepared and stay safe during hurricane season.  However, Mother Nature has a mind of her own, and this can cause devastating damages to our homes.  If this happens to you, you will want to have the best representation on your side to fight for the insurance compensation you deserve.  Contact our property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL to hear how we can help you today.



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