Seven Ways to Get a Fair and Full Insurance Settlement

Seven Ways to Get a Fair and Full Insurance Settlement

Seven Ways to Get a Fair and Full Insurance Settlement

Do you find yourself frustrated by the low settlement your insurance company offered to settle your claim?  If you are unsatisfied with this compensation, you may want to consider getting a second opinion or hiring a property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL to negotiate for what you deserve.  Because these professionals understand the claims process, they will be able to support you until you get fair and full settlement.  There are also a few others ways that you can fight for the settlement that you deserve to cover your property losses.

Learn about Your Coverage

Many insurance companies may try to get you to settle quickly, and this will typically involve them asking for a settlement that's lower than what you deserve.  By educating yourself on the extent of your homeowners' insurance policy and the insurance claims process, you will be less likely to accept anything less than what you deserve.  You should fully understand your rights as a policyholder and the fine print of your policy so that you can fight for the settlement you deserve to repair and replace property.  If you aren't aware of the information required for the insurance process to run smoothly, you can also run into delays that can make the process lengthy and complicated.

Start the Claim Process Quickly

After you suffer damages from an unforeseen incident, you will want to start the insurance claims process as soon as possible.  Whether you are looking into starting the process yourself or working with contractors and adjusters that will help you start the process, you'll want to get started as soon as possible.  This way, you communicate the issue while it is still persisting, which means that you can have a fair evaluation of the damages.  Reacting quickly will provide your insurance company with the most accurate evaluation of the damages, since they will have just occurred.  

Don't Repair Anything Yet

Even though it is your responsibility to mitigate any further damages, you will not want to repair or replace anything before you contact your insurance company.  This will taint the total settlement that you need in order to make these repairs and replacements.  If you replace things prematurely, your insurance company may fail to account for those replacements, and your settlement will not fully cover these.  Don't repair anything just yet.  Be sure that you have your damages evaluated before you do anything to change the situation.

Cooperate, But Negotiate

Your insurance company may try to argue that you are being uncooperative if you choose to deny their settlement multiple times.  To combat this argument, you should document anything that you've said or done so that there is proof against this claim.  Even if you've denied these settlements, you should still cooperate and negotiate peacefully.  If you are concerned about not receiving the full settlement that you need to cover repairs and replacements, you should hire our property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL to negotiate for you.  We will not let the insurance companies scare us away from getting you what you deserve, and we have the professional opinions and expertise to fight this issue in court.  It is critical to cooperate fully with your insurance company, but that doesn't mean backing down and accepting a lower offer than you deserve.

Provide Evidence and Receipts

Whenever you are going through the insurance claims process, it can be difficult to provide paperwork and documentation for all of the property damage you've suffered.  Receipts, pictures, and other evidence may be difficult to come by.  However, you will want to try to be as thorough as possible so that you can get the most out of your insurance settlement.  When you provide more evidence of your property damage or lost belongings, you will get more from your claim.  It is critical to document everything that you can, so that you can provide evidence of this in case they come back with a low-ball offer.

Trust Professional Opinions

If your insurance claims process isn't going smoothly, you may want to ask the experts for help and support.  Issues like lengthy time or even low settlements may have you wanting the assistance from the experts.  Whether you are looking for a lawyer to assist with your settlement or you hire contractors to assist with a proper evaluation, you will want the help of professionals to settle your battles.  This is also a great way to ensure that you have second opinions that are truthful.  Sometimes the insurance company may use their preferred professionals, and those companies may have incentives to favor your insurance company.  You want to be sure to have advocates working for you.

Hire an Experienced Property Insurance Claims Attorney in Miami, FL

Once you have received a settlement that you have deemed unfair or too low for the damages you've suffered, you may want to consider hiring an attorney to be your advocate.  We will be able to fight for you so that you receive the treatment and compensation that you deserve from your insurance company.  As a policyholder, you have the right to choose your own advocacy and support group throughout the claims process.  An attorney has the skills and expertise to negotiate and the experience to fully know what you deserve.

These are just a few of the ways that you can be sure that you receive fair and full settlement for your property claim.  In order to begin rebuilding your life with the compensation money from your claim, you'll want to trust the right property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL to advocate for you.  Contact us to hear about our experience and skills related to fighting insurance claims cases today.


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