Seven Ways Your Insurance Carrier May Take Advantage of Policyholders to Settle Claims

Seven Ways Your Insurance Carrier May Take Advantage of Policyholders to Settle Claims

Seven Ways Your Insurance Carrier May Take Advantage of Policyholders to Settle Claims

Are you preparing to file an insurance claim to receive compensation for property damages or replacements?  When you suffer damages from weather, water, or fire, you will want to trust that your homeowners' insurance policy will kick into effect and protect you from hefty contractor bills.  Most of the time, homeowners will simply want to move on and resume life as normal as possible quickly, because they'll want to leave this tragedy behind them.  This can be made difficult by the lengthy and complicated property claims process.  Trusting the advocacy and support of our property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL will ensure that you get through this process as smoothly as possible.  There are a few ways that your insurance carrier may try to take advantage of its policyholders when settling their claims.

They May Overestimate Depreciation

In attempt to reach the lowest settlement possible, your insurance company may overvalue the depreciation.  When the depreciation value is high, the insurance company will get to keep more money.  This is one of the reasons why you need to keep an eye on all of the belongings and property that you have chosen to replace and the money required for repairs.  Take time to closely review your carrier's estimate and pay attention to all the details.

They May Suggest Restoring Water-damaged Items

When you suffer water damage to your home, you will want to detail a report of all the materials, belongings, and possessions that have been damaged.  If you can, locate any receipts to prove their financial worth.  Be aware that your insurance company may try to restore these belongings in an attempt to save money on the settlement.  Insist that your property is replaced and not dried off, because this can actually cause issues down the road.

They May Try to Get You to Settle Early

The insurance claims process can be difficult, especially for those that are misplaced from their home while they wait for insurance money.  In order to rush the process and get you to settle early, your insurance company may take advantage of your situation in hopes that you will settle at a lower number than you actually deserve.  When people are desperate to resume their normal lives, they may agree to this settlement.  Be careful of this situation, and try to fight for what you truly deserve to repair or replace your property.  Trust our property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL to fight for you and get you the settlement you deserve.  Always avoid settling too early just to get things over with.

They May Discourage You From Hiring an Attorney

When you work with your insurance carrier to settle your claim, they will make it seem like they are on your side.  However, they are actually working to provide you with the lowest possible settlement.  They will discourage you from hiring your own professionals and advocates, as they want you to believe they are advocates for you.  Beware of this behavior and don't be deterred from following your instincts to hire your own people.  Assembling a team with your choice of a property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL will ensure that you are treated fairly and compensated fully.  This move can make a big difference in the amount of money your insurance company will have to pay you for damages and lost belongings.  

They May Try to Skimp on Repairs

Whenever your home is structurally damaged, you want to trust that the repairs are being done to restore the home to its previous condition.  However, your insurance company may hire contractors that work with them to lower the cost of repairs.  This can include skimping on the quality of materials used, and it can also involve repairing items that actually should be fully replaced.  Have your own advocate to ensure that they don't take advantage of you by opting out of using their preferred contractors.

They Will Use Their Preferred Professionals

Whenever you file an insurance claim, your insurance company will send out those that they have a working relationship with in order to assess and repair your home.  This gives them the advantage, as they may have instructed the contractors to tip things in their favor.  Also, these agreements provide bot the insurance company and their preferred professionals with incentives to act on each other's behalf.  Anytime you are working through an insurance claim, be sure to pay attention to those that are sent over by your insurance company.  Take extra precaution and even considering hiring your own professionals to advocate for you in this process.  This will ensure that you are protecting yourself from mistreatment or lower settlements than you deserve.

They May Make it Difficult for You

Insurance companies will purposely make the claims process difficult for you in hopes that you choose one of their initial settlement offers without dispute.  Once you deny these settlements, they may dispute your need for more money.  If you don't remain patient and calm, they will also argue that you aren't being cooperative with their process, and this can lead to a lower settlement.  Be sure that you don't take it personally and remain calm.   This way, they won't be able to use it against you.

These are a few of the common ways that your insurance carrier may try to take money from your settlement in an attempt to put more money back in their own pockets.  Be prepared for these issues by hiring a property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL to advocate for what you deserve.  Contact us to hear about how we will fight to get you the insurance money you deserve today.


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