Six Steps in the Property Insurance Claims Process

Six Steps in the Property Insurance Claims Process

Six Steps in the Property Insurance Claims Process

Have you recently suffered damages to your home or property due to unforeseen circumstances?  Storms, water damage, fire damage, and burglary may have you wanting to file a property claim with your insurance company in order to get coverage for anything damaged or lost.  Some people will need this money in order to make repairs and get their home or business functioning once again.  When you are working through the insurance process, you'll want to make sure to have the advocacy you deserve by choosing a property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL.  We will work with you through these six steps in the insurance claims process.

The Initial Inspection

After your property is damaged, you will immediately want to mitigate any additional damages.  After this, you should pick up the phone and call your attorney and your insurance company to set up an inspection..  The sooner you call, the more accurate of an estimate they will be able to provide.  We will work with your insurance company to complete an inspection of your property and the damages, destruction, and losses that have occurred.

Photographing Any Damages

During the inspection, you should take photographs and draw sketches to accurately depict the damages and destruction of the property.  This is important when the insurance company would ask for proof or evidence of damages.  Always take pictures of any damages in order to protect yourself from a low settlement.

Filing Your Claim

Filing your insurance claim is obviously the step that will start the process and alert the insurance company about the destruction to your property and the circumstances surrounding it.  It may take some time for your insurance company to respond, and when this happens, you should trust your attorney to help push them along.

Additional Inspections and Repairs

Depending on the extent of your damage, you may be calling on roofers, electricians, construction contractors, and many other professionals to provide you with estimates on the repairs necessary to fix issues in their field.   Trust the attorney you choose to give you great recommendations on professional contractors that can be trusted with this process.

Mediation and Other Appointments

Sometimes your insurance process will involve multiple meetings and appointments, and you'll be able to trust that your property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL will attend with you.  They will attend mediation to make sure that you are taken seriously by the insurance company.  


The final step in the insurance claims process is the settlement.  This is when both you and your insurance company will agree upon a settlement that both parties are satisfied with.  You will need to sign a document in order to mark the official end of this process and officially accept their settlement.

These are the six main steps involved in the insurance claims process when you file with your insurance company.  To reach a settlement that you deserve, you want to trust that you have an advocate on your side.  Contact our property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL to make sure you get the treatment and insurance compensation that you rightfully deserve.


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