Ten Steps to Take When You Have a Burst Pipe

Ten Steps to Take When You Have a Burst Pipe

Ten Steps to Take When You Have a Burst Pipe

Are you a homeowner?  Do you have an insurance policy that covers water damage?  Most major insurance policies will cover water damage, which can be caused by a number of sources.  From extreme rainfall that causes flooding in homes to burst pipes that can cause extensive water damage, there are many causes of water issues in a home.  Being prepared with a homeowners' insurance policy is the best way to be proactive.  However, insurance companies may not give you the settlement you are looking for.  When this happens, you'll want to trust our property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL to fight for what you deserve.  If you happen to suffer from a burst pipe in your home, there are a few steps you'll want to take to immediately prevent any additional damage and get the insurance process started.

Turn Off the Electric

One of the first things you should do is turn off the electric in the flooded area.  This is essential for preventing electrocution or shock.  Anytime you have water flooding your home, you will want to turn off the electric first and foremost.  If you try to clean the water, you may be at risk of electrical shock through the water.  Turning off the electric is also beneficial in preventing any additional damage to the electronics that are in the affected area.  

Stop the Water Source

Find the source of the burst pipe and shut off the water valve that leads that direction.  Although this step sounds simple, it is one of the most important ones.  This will prevent any further water from flooding the area, which will prevent any additional damage.

Collect Any Undamaged Items

Before you start to clean up, take any undamaged or untouched items out of the affected area.  By doing this, you prevent additional damage and spare these items from being affected by the water.  Take these items to a safe and dry area.

Contact Your Insurance Company

If the damage is extensive, you will want to contact your insurance company to tell them about the incident.  This will begin the insurance claims process, which involves many contractors and property and damage evaluations.  The property insurance claims process can be long and arduous, but starting this as soon as the damage occurs will help the process run more efficiently.  It will also give the insurance company plenty of time to respond with their adjuster and do a correct property evaluation.

Document All the Damage

Anytime you are dealing with property claims with your insurance, you should document all the damage.  Writing a comprehensive list of any property, belongings, and electronics that have been damaged by the water will only help you later when it comes time to negotiate your compensation.  Our property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL urges homeowners to start this list immediately while the event is still fresh in your mind.  This way, you will be evaluated by the adjuster for everything that you've lost.

Remove Water and Dry the Area

Take the time to remove any water that you can, and start to dry the area.  The insurance company will want to see that you mitigated any further damage from occurring, and this will work in your favor as you begin to restore you home.  Use old towels and set out fans to begin the drying process.  Empty water into buckets and dump them outside to get the large puddles of water out of your home.

Contact a Water Restoration Company

If you need to, you may also want to contact a water restoration company to professionally perform this job.  These experts have the right tools and equipment to get the job done quicker.  Their heavy-duty fans and carpet cleaners can fully remove the water from the inside of your home.  They also may even be able to salvage some of the other items that have been damaged as well.

Prevent Mold and Mildew Damage

Whenever water damage occurs, it can create a larger issue:  mold and mildew growth.  If the water is not properly dried and cleared from anywhere in your house, it will be left susceptible to mold and mildew growth.  This can pose negative health risks for the entire family, and this can also be undetected for many years.  When you have water damage, you want to take extra measures to ensure that each nook and cranny is dried.  This includes checking behind affected walls and under carpets.

Mitigate Any Future Damage

Your insurance company will want to see evidence that you mitigated any additional damages to your property.  If you take these steps, it will work in your favor during the settlement.  Taking the time to remove any affected items and clear the area of any electronics or important valuables is a way to prevent further damage.  When you make this effort, it will also spare you from losing more of your home or valuable items.

Call a Property Insurance Claims Attorney in Miami, FL

As you are working through the difficult and complicated insurance claims process, you will want advocacy on your side.  Insurance companies typically work with their preferred contractors and adjusters.  When you hire your own attorney, you will always have a voice in the discussions.  Our experts are trained to get you the insurance money that you need to cover all the renovations, repairs, and replacements so that you can resume your life as normal as possible.

These are some of the steps that you'll want to take to immediately prevent any additional damage from a burst pipe.  Bursts pipes can occur from poor plumbing or faulty piping, and they can cause an extensive amount of damage to your floors, ceilings, belongings, and electronics.  This can have you filing an insurance claim and working on a settlement.  When you are working with your insurance company, trust our property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL to get you what you deserve.  Contact us to hear how we can advocate for you today.


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