What Should I Ask My Personal Injury Attorney?

What Should I Ask My Personal Injury Attorney?

What Should I Ask My Personal Injury Attorney?

If you have suffered a personal injury in the form of medical malpractice, car accidents, assault, or a slip and fall accident, you may be entitled to medical reimbursement by the other party.  Before you investigate this issue further, you want to hire a reliable and qualified personal injury attorney in Miami, FL to help you with your case.  Personal injury attorneys are trained to help individuals who have suffered harm or injury from accidents that were caused by another person to receive proper compensation for what they have lost.  There are a few essential questions you will want to ask your personal injury attorney before you hire them.

How much experience do you have dealing with my situation?  

When hiring a personal injury attorney, you want to be sure that you are matched up with one that has experience handling cases like yours.  Because there are a wide variety of personal injuries, your attorney may not have ever dealt with a case like yours before.  Most personal injury attorneys handle particular injuries, so it is important to make sure that yours is one they have experienced.

What are the chances that I will win my case?

When you ask your attorney this question, they will most likely try to avoid giving you a direct answer.  In fact, they won't actually be able to give you a yes-or-no answer to this question.  However, you want them to be honest about your chances of winning this case.  Before you get too involved, you want to make sure that the risk will be worth it in the long run.

If I win my case, how much will I win?

Personal injury attorneys that have experience with cases similar to yours will be able to give you a rough idea of what type of compensation you can expect to see if you win your case.  Even though this will not be an exact number determined by the court, it will still give you a ballpark idea of the amount of money you would receive in your settlement.

Who will work on my case?

When you hire a personal injury attorney, they will not be solely working on every aspect of your case.  Attorneys often have secretaries or paralegals that handle different aspects of their workload.  Even though the attorney will officially defend you should the case go to trial, they may not work on every single aspect of the case themselves.

These are a few of the questions you want to ask your personal injury attorney in Miami, FL before you choose to hire them.  By asking these questions, you will determine whether that attorney is a good match for you.  You want to choose the best to handle your case.  Contact Coastal Claims Law Firm to hear about how our team of experienced, qualified personal injury attorneys can help you get the settlement you deserve.



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