Why You Need a Real Estate Closing Attorney in Miami, FL

Why You Need a Real Estate Closing Attorney in Miami, FL

Why You Need a Real Estate Closing Attorney in Miami, FL

Are you about to close on your first home?  Are you considering making a large investment in a real estate property?  When you invest in real estate, you are making a large financial decision that will require thoughtful consideration and planning before the transaction can go through.  Real estate can also require the assistance of a few key professionals to make the process run smoothly and properly.  A real estate attorney in Miami, FL is one of the individuals that you'll want to trust to provide you with legal advocacy and prevent any issues during the closing process.  There are a few key reasons why you need to hire a quality real estate closing attorney in Miami, FL to spare any legal trouble during your real estate transaction.

Clear the Title of Liens

Once the offer has been accepted, the title report for the property will then need to be collected and reviewed.  There can be many complications with the title, including unpaid lender balances and unpaid property taxes.  When the title has any of these issues, you will want to trust the experts to remove them from the title so that you can move forward with your purchase.  Although this will typically cause delays in the closing process, it is essential to clear the title of any liens or complications.  Without the help of an attorney, this will be an even more exhaustive process.

Back You Up in Negotiations

Real estate negotiations can be time-consuming and stressful.  When you have the right advocacy during the negotiation process, you will be positioned for a better outcome.  Once a buyer receives the home inspection report, they may have some room for negotiating on price and repairs.  If the issues reported in the home inspected are severe, you will want to have your agent and your attorney strategize on how to move forward with negotiations.  Having another professional negotiator will put you in a favorable position.

Explain Confusing Jargon

The paperwork involved in real estate transactions is confusing and full of jargon from the industry.  This can be difficult for home and business owners to understand, so it can help to have a professional to take a look at the paperwork.  They will be able to walk you through the paperwork so that you truly understand the contract that you are signing.  This can involve discussions about mortgage payments, property liens, title information, and much more.  These important details can make a difference in the type of agreement you sign.

Review Any Fees

Real estate transactions involve many different parties.  This can mean that money is changing hands a few different times throughout one closing.  There are fees to pay the seller's agent, buyer's agent, and other professionals involved in the process.  When you are spending a large amount of your money on this transaction, you will want the help of a real estate closing attorney in Miami, FL to review these fees.  Other fees may include commissions, remaining mortgage payouts, and homeowners' insurance agreements.

Review Paperwork for Common Mistakes

In addition to reviewing and explaining the paperwork with you before your closing appointment, your attorney will also check to ensure that the documents are free of any mistakes.  This will prevent issues that can occur later, which can result in being sued for misrepresentation or breach of contract.  It's always smart to have an attorney review these documents to check out the deed, property information, mortgage payment obligations, and much more.  They have the expertise to quickly notice anything that may look strange or out of order, and this can prevent you from making a big mistake with your money.

Get the Best Deal Possible

Whenever you have the advocacy and support of an experienced real estate closing attorney in Miami, FL, you will place yourself in the best position to get a fair deal on the transaction.  This will prevent you from paying more money than the property is worth or make mistakes by signing the contact without understanding it fully.  By having the assistance of professionals that are experienced in negotiations, real estate titles, and other aspects of the closing process, you have the chance to score the best deal.  This will not only protect your investment, but it can also save you thousands of dollars.  Each penny is important when you are spending a large sum of money on a new home or business investment.

Protect Your Investment

Real estate agents will be able to help you through negotiations, counteroffers, and locating the home or business of your dreams.  However, when you are involved in more complicated real estate ventures, you may need more expertise.  A real estate closing attorney in Miami, FL will be able to help you with these investments.  When you are selling property to a relative, have tenants living in the multifamily unit you are selling, or have liens on your title, you will want to hire extra expertise to sort through these legal issues.  The last thing you want to do is make an investment in the wrong property and acquire a great deal of complication in the process.

These are a few of the reasons why you will want the advocacy of a real estate closing attorney present at your closing.  Whether you are buying an investment property or a residence to call home, you will want to protect your investment by making sure that all of the legal considerations have been handled.  Our experienced real estate closing attorney in Miami, FL can take care of these responsibilities so you don't have to worry.  Contact us to hear about how we can help your real estate closing process run smoothly today.


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