Four Costly Mistakes Policyholders Make When Filing Property Claims in Miami, FL

Four Costly Mistakes Policyholders Make When Filing Property Claims in Miami, FL

Four Costly Mistakes Policyholders Make When Filing Property Claims in Miami, FL

As a policyholder and homeowner, you need to position yourself as best as you can to get the best insurance settlement.  This may seem strange if you have not suffered from any property damage.  However, as a part of your insurance policy, your insurance company will be looking to ensure that you are taking care of your home all the time – not just in the days after you have suffered damages.  As a property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL, we have seen many homeowners lose out on a higher settlement because of avoidable mistakes.  These are some costly mistakes that you will want to avoid when filing property claims.

Not Maintaining Their Property

When you own a home, you need to take care of all the features that you have, like your appliances, electronics, roof, siding, and other exterior features.  By inspecting the electronics and the functional systems of your home, you will be able to tend to any repairs that are needed before they become issues.  Insurance companies will want to see proof that you care for and maintain your property.  When they see that you skip preventative maintenance, they may even deny your claim.\

Not Trusting the Pros

Many homeowners think that they can DIY everything around their home.  While someone who is knowledgeable about all the systems can be great for these jobs, most people will want to trust expert contractors for their jobs.  To save money, many people think they can tackle these jobs themselves.  However, when you do not do something properly, it can cost you in the long run.

Not Doing Routine Jobs

If you notice an issue, you will want to tend to it quickly to inspect and repair the problem.  However, some people complain about flickering lights or poor air quality for months before they do anything about it.  If you suffer damages when your systems are already working at a low efficiency, your insurance company may frown upon this.  Neglectful homeowners will not be favored during any insurance claims process.  Take care of the repairs and the important upkeep as it prevents itself in the home.

Not Fixing It Right Away

Most issues around the home will start out small and begin to grow over time.  Sometimes this growth is slow, but other times it is more rapid.  To avoid any larger issues, take care of these problems when they are still small.  By eradicating the issues when they are small, you will spend less time and money to make the repairs.  The longer you wait, the more difficult the repair will be.

These are a few of the costly mistakes that many policyholders will make that will end up costing them money on their insurance settlement.  When you suffer from property damage, you want to be sure that you can get the settlement you need to make restorations and repairs.  Contact our experienced property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL for our help and advocacy when working with your insurance company today.


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