How to Approach the Property Insurance Claims Process

How to Approach the Property Insurance Claims Process

How to Approach the Property Insurance Claims Process

Are you about to go through the property insurance claims process?  Are you wondering how to get started when it comes time to file your insurance claim?  After you suffer from damages caused by storms, hurricanes, lightning, or fire, you may choose to file an insurance claim so that you can get compensation to pay for needed repairs.  As a property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL, we help many policyholders get the money they deserve despite the challenges they may have to face in the process.  There are a few things you should do to handle the property insurance claims process the right way.  

Work Only with Trusted Professionals

When you are working to make repairs to your property, you will want to be mindful of the people that you work with.  For example, many contractors come into the area after a storm to run their scams and make a quick profit off people trying to have speedy repairs.  Be careful to get into business with anyone that seems to make an offer you can't refuse.  A great way to ensure that you trust the right individuals is to ask them for more information, like references, licenses, and insurance information.

File Your Claim Quickly

After a storm passes through your area, you want to file your property claims in Polk County quickly.  The sooner you file your claim, then the sooner that you will receive your compensation.  Because your insurance company is about to get inundated by many other claims after a large storm, you want to put yourself at the front of the line so that you can move on sooner.

Work with Your Insurance Company

When the process first starts, you will want to make sure to work with your insurance company.  Let them assess the damages and do their job.  If you make it difficult for them to do their job and come out to your property, they may penalize you for this behavior. When you are working through the insurance claims process, be sure that you communicate effectively with your insurance company each step of the way.  In the event that you file a lawsuit, your insurance company will not be able to cite that you were difficult to work with, which can end up negatively affecting your outcome.  Avoid this potential situation by being friendly and easy to work with.

Take Pictures as Evidence

Anytime you suffer from property damage, you should provide as much evidence as possible to show the extent of the damages.  It may even be helpful to take pictures before a storm comes into your area, as you can reflect any before pictures.  Our property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL recommends for you to take many photos at different angles to show all the damages that have occurred so that you have proof even after the restoration process has started.

Keep Your Receipts

Anytime you purchase large expenses for your home, you should keep the receipts.  Having this documentation will position you to get a more accurate settlement for any damages lost or broken during your incident.  By saving receipts for large electronics, expensive home updates, or even renovation materials, you will be able to provide your insurance company with the evidence you need to raise your needed compensation.

Know Your Coverages

Policyholders that have a better understanding of their insurance policy will be able to use this knowledge in their favor.  When you understand exactly what your coverages are, you can argue with your insurance company about the compensation that you rightfully deserve.  Don't let them take advantage of you by fulling understanding what your policy holds.

Select Your Own Contractors

When you are working through the insurance claims process, you may want to consider hiring your own contractors to take care of your repairs and restoration.  This way, you will be the primary contact in charge of all your repairs.  When you trust the insurance contractors that are recommended to you, they may have your insurance company's interests in mind instead of yours.  This can end up leaving you with subpar repairs or unfair estimates of the work being done in favor of the insurance company.

Negotiate Your Settlement Offer

Most people that work with insurance claims will tell you that you should never accept the first offer from your insurance company.  Typically, they will try to get you to settle for an amount lower than what you actually deserve in an attempt to financially gain from your business.  Prevent this from happening by negotiating the offer.  Our property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL can help you with this process.  Anytime that you are unhappy with the settlement offer from your insurance company, take the time to craft an informed rebuttal and begin negotiations for a better outcome.  

Talk to the Experts

If you are confused about the insurance process, talk to the experts in the business.  You may want to consider working with a property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL if you are having trouble with your insurance company.  Whether you are working with an attorney, an adjuster, or other contractors, you should surround yourself with trustworthy individuals that understand the entire insurance process.  This will help put you in an informed position with the support of many individual that you can work with to get through it.

These are a few of the steps that you'll want to follow when you are going through the insurance claims process.  As a property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL, we can help you get the compensation you deserve when your insurance company is coming back with a low settlement each time.  Contact us to schedule a consultation with our expert attorneys today.


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