How to Prevent Damages to Your House Features during a Hurricane

How to Prevent Damages to Your House Features during a Hurricane

How to Prevent Damages to Your House Features during a Hurricane

Are you looking for ways to prevent hurricane damage to your home?  Living in Florida has its perks, as there is beautiful year-round sunshine and access to many beaches.  However, it is also susceptible to many hurricanes during the fall and winter.  As a property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL, we handle many cases involving hurricane damages to both commercial and residential properties.  These are the most damaged features and how you can prevent them.


Because of the heavy winds that accompany hurricanes, many homes see damages to their windows. Windows can be easily broken from flying debris, and this can cause even more damage to the internal structure of your home once the wind comes in.  To prevent these issues, invest in some quality hurricane shutters to protect the glass windows.

House Frame

Even the most well-constructed homes may be vulnerable to the devastating effects of hurricanes.  Heavy winds can crack the wooden structure in the frame of your home, even when you have no sign of damages or issues with the construction of your home.  To prevent them from occurring, add hurricane clips to evenly distribute the wind throughout the entire frame of the home.

Garage Door

Garage doors are often some of the weakest features on the home, and they may suffer from extensive damages caused by hurricane winds.  The door can become misshapen, derail from its track, or become dented from flying debris.  To reinforce your garage doors and leave them less vulnerable to hurricane damages, you can purchase garage door retrofitting kits that strengthen the doors at their weakest point.

Roof Shingles

Roofs are the home’s number one line of defense against the elements.  Because of this, your roof materials are also the most susceptible to hurricane damages if there are any issues present.  Shingles and roofing materials can be blown off the roof during times of heavy winds, and heavy rains can damage the roof, causing leaks or pooling.   To prevent these issues, we urge homeowners to undergo routine roof inspections and keep up with the care of their structure.


These features are often constructed using lighter materials, which means that they are often the first things to blow off the house.  If you are concerned that your carport will blow away during heavy winds, consider adding hurricane straps to reinforce these features.  These straps will evenly distribute the effects of the winds, so they do not push the roof off the home itself.  This simple tip can save you thousands on a replacement.

These are some of the most damaged features in your business or home and ways that you can prevent them.  As a property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL, we can help you when a hurricane wreaks havoc on your property and leaves you feeling hopeless and worried about the future.  Contact us to hear about how we can advocate for you today.


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