Seven Types of Damages that May Cause You to File a Property Insurance Claim

Seven Types of Damages that May Cause You to File a Property Insurance Claim

Seven Types of Damages that May Cause You to File a Property Insurance Claim

As a homeowner, you likely want to do everything you can to protect your investment in your home. Typically, this is one of the largest investments that you'll make in your lifetime, which means that you'll also want to take out a homeowners' insurance policy to protect yourself against any unforeseen circumstances.  Weather, fires, electrical issues, and theft are only some of the damages that are covered in most homeowners' insurance policies.  As a property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL, we help many people get the insurance money they deserve when they file property claims.  Let's take a look at the types of property damages that cause many people to file insurance claims.

Fire Damage

Homeowners' insurance policies were originally created to cover damages done by fires, as they often happen quickly and destroy property in a flash.  When your home has been ravaged by a fire, you may have lost everything.  From the structure of your home to your belongings, fires can devastate homes unless they are quickly controlled by the fire department.  Because of the devastating effects of fires, many homeowners file property claims to restore and rebuild their lives after they suffer from a house fire.  House fires may start on accident or they can be the result of a lightning storm that passes through your area.  Be sure to use surge protectors to protect your electronics from the effects of lightning strikes around your home.

Hurricane Damage

In Florida, we are vulnerable to many hurricanes during the months of June through November.  During this time, many homeowners prepare their homes for the devastating effects of high winds, heavy rains, and potential flooding.  No matter how much some of us prepare, hurricanes can still cause extensive damage to our roofs, homes, and yards.  These insurance claims are also among the highest percent of claims filed in the state because of the large amount of hurricanes that come through the state in the months of May through November.  

Water Damage

Do you notice water stains on your ceiling?  Do you suspect that your roof is leaking?  Water damage is also a problem that can cause many issues within your home that you may not even realize until it is too late.  Roof leaks are tough to detect until they penetrate through multiple layers of your roof, attic, and ceilings.  Water damage can also cause mold and mildew to grow, which will cause even more repairs and extensive restoration.  Be sure to move quickly to file a claim and hire a property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL to restore your home back to its safe and original state after water damages your property.

Theft and Vandalism

Many homes and businesses are vulnerable to theft and vandalism, which is why these crimes are covered by most insurance plans.   Whenever teenagers paint graffiti on the walls of your business or break windows at your home, you may want to file an insurance claim to pay for the damages.  This is also true if burglars have stolen some of your prized possessions or expensive electronics.  To protect yourself against these incidents, you can increase security and border patrol of your property, which can help to deter criminals from these activities.  Surveillance can also be effective in catching the individuals responsible for the destruction or theft.

Wind and Hail Damage

Although this category may overlap slightly with hurricane damage claims, it can also be caused by other types of severe weather, such as tornados or thunderstorms.  Wind and hail can cause extensive damage that may prompt homeowners to need assistance in making repairs and replacements.  These types of damage typically affect the roof structure, which is expensive to repair.  When you have wind damage on your roof, you'll want to replace and repair the structure quickly, as your roof is the first line of defense against the elements.  Trust our property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL to help you settle your claim so you can rebuild your life after wind or hail damages your home.

Non-Theft Property Damage

Accidents happen.   That's why we get insurance policies in the first place.  Accidents that destroy your property that don't involve criminal behavior may still be covered in your homeowners' insurance, which can make you want to file a claim to make repairs.  These incidents include unforeseen incidents, like a car crashing into the side of your home or a baseball bursting through your garage window.  When these damages are much more than your insurance deductible, you may want to file a claim with your insurance company.

Flood Damage

Similar to water damage, floods can also cause many issues when they come into a home.  This may occur in the aftermath of a hurricane, or simply because you live close to water and your area has just had a heavy rain.  Many people also file damages to cover flooding that occurred in their home, as this leaves many homes in a state of destruction.  Floods can destroy flooring, foundation, electronics, and many valuable belongings.  If your home has suffered from a flood, you'll want to mitigate the water damage by clearing the area and preventing any further destruction when it is deemed safe.  Insurance companies like to see that you've made an effort to safely prevent additional damages to your property.

These are some of the most common types of property damages that can lead homeowners' to file insurance claims.  When your property is damaged, you may not have the money on hand to make the necessary repairs, restorations, and replacements.  That's when your insurance company will kick in and help you.  If you have trouble working with your insurance company to get the settlement you deserve in a timely manner, contact our property insurance claims attorney in Miami, FL for support today.


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