Hail Damage

If you have recently suffered damages to your home due to a hail storm, don't depend on the insurance companies to tell you what they want to pay you for your repairs or replacements. Often times, recovering financial loss after you file a property insurance claim to recover hail damage can be challenging. Many issues can arise during the discretionary process done by an insurance adjuster. When a severe hailstorm rolls through, it can cause visual damages that are obvious and cannot be disputed by insurance companies and adjusters. This should make the process easy. However, that isn't always the case. We are here to assist unhappy policyholders to recover all the financial losses they deserve after they suffer hail damage to their property or home.

Common Issues with Hail Damage Claims:

  • Scope of damages and issues
  • Discretionary nature of the adjustment process
  • Determining partial repairs or full replacements

Often times, the knowledge and experience of the insurance adjuster assigned to your claim will determine the value and settlement of your claim. This is why you want to trust the best. Even though arguing over the value of your losses may seem like the right step, it can bring about more issues with the insurance company. When it comes to roof damage caused by hail, many insurance companies will argue that there has been previous wear and tear to the roof before the hailstorm. Working with an insurance adjuster will help you through this process by providing you with support and expertise to combat these issues.


If your roof has suffered damages from a hail storm, you are likely entitled to insurance compensation to help you finance the repairs or replacements. You want to be sure that your roof is properly functioning, as it is the first line of defense protecting your home and loved ones from the weather. Also, siding and other property damages are critical to keeping your home both safe and attractive. Be sure to document all of the damages suffered after the storm. Also, seek the professional help of an adjuster to guarantee that you get fair and honest compensation from your insurance company. Let us help you protect your biggest and most important investment.


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