Lightning Damage

Even though assessing and adjusting lightning damage typically uses similar methods as assessing other types of property damage, there are a few differences to highlight.

When lightning strikes a home but doesn't result in a fire, many homeowners suffer losses caused by an electrical surge that is caused by the strike. Sometimes, this damage is not immediately apparent. However, electrical surges can damage appliances, electronics, phones, computers, and other technological components of your home. Once this damage is identified, it can be extensive. This complicates the process of adjusting losses, and it may even lead to loss of the ability to use the home or even a loss of business for companies that need to stay vacant until repairs are made.

Determining when the electrical surge occurred will help adjusters assess the damage. Many insurance companies may not compensate for any losses that are caused by power surges off property, and we can help you defend this claim should they cite this reason.

There is a difference between a lightning strike and power surge. When your electrical repairman comes out to assess damages after the lightning strike, your insurance company may ask them to sign a lightning affidavit citing the reason for the surge. You want to make sure that you have this to support and defend your claim.

Because lightning losses are not always immediately apparent, initial assessment of damages is a challenge to the claims process. You will want to prepare a list of damages to help streamline this process. Common losses are found in the following categories:

Electronic Losses

  • Appliances
  • TVs
  • Computers
  • Stereos

Electrical Infrastructure

  • Wiring systems
  • Outlets
  • Light switches

Once you compile your list of losses, you want to assess whether they are total losses needing replacements or if they just need repairs. The extent of these losses will help determine the compensation needed. A public adjuster will work with you to help you assess and evaluate the damages and losses to your home and property.

If lightning has struck your home and caused a fire to start, you will want to consult with our Fire Loss Claims page to understand how to properly assess those damages.

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